founding members
Aikia / Alessandra Leone / VisualStrato Akkamiau / Lenka Kocisova / AudioStrat
Hen Lovely Bird / CorporealStrato

Daria Kaufman / dance /
Davic Nod / sound design /

Thomas Van Ta / cretive code / www.thomasvanta.esGiovanni Zaccaria / wearable sensors / www.madinteraction.comJeanette Bruneau Rossow / costume design /

StratoFyzika (Berlin/Lisbon) is an intermedia performance collective founded on the meeting of three personalities, three fields (sound, animated images, dance), and three cultural backgrounds (USA, Italy, Czech Republic). They frequently use interactive technologies to link live movement, spatial soundscapes, and projected visuals, creating highly immersive performances that alter audiences’ perceptions of the body, space, and sound. 

Founding members Alessandra Leone (IT), Lenka Kocisova (CZ), and Hen Lovely Bird (USA) met for their first collaboration in 2012. Each of the three artists/fields/backgrounds represents one “stratum” (Strato) of perception: audio, visual and movement layers.

They use the laws of physics (Fyzika) as a metaphorical way of explaining material states from the realms of imagination, emotions and spirit - a multi-layered process that echoes the cognitive processes of the mind and the way stories are collected through life, as a tool for learning and orientation.

Since its founding in 2012, StratoFyzika has quickly established a signature aesthetic and approach to creation, situating itself at the forefront of intermedia performance. Their work has been presented at prestigious festivals and venues throughout Europe, Brazil, and Dubai, including Cynetart, B-Seite, Patchlab, Athens Digital Arts Festival and they have been invited to give workshops and lectures.  Their most recent project, titled “Kummerang Gloomerang,” was commissioned by  Haus für Poesie Berlin in collaboration with Heroines of Sound.

In 2014, the formation of the group evolved, seeing Alessandra Leone (Italy) and Hen Lovely Bird (USA) remain as core members, but opening to a wider and more specific number of collaborations. Giovanni Marco Zaccaria / interactive technology (IT) joined for the creation of "Shadows of aikia" and again in 2014 together with Davic Nod / sound (SP), Oriol Pastor / creative coding (SP) , and Thomas Vanta / creative coding (SP), for the production of THÆTA. Daria Kaufman / choreography, dance (US), who collaborated already in the past for a StratoFyzika dance-for-camera video (Atavistic Matter), joined the team for Phi.

a stratum or strate, pl: strata (Latin: layer)
- layers, levels, or divisions in an organized system ( a complex poem with many strata of meaning)
- in linguistic a language that influences, or is influenced by another through contact, typically as the result of migration.
- in geology a horizontal layer of material, especially one of several parallel layers arranged one on top of another and in geography any of the regions of the atmosphere, such as the troposphere, that occur as layers.
- from sociology: a level of society composed of people with similar social, cultural, or economic status.
- use in telecommunications: Stratum Traceability Unknown, term used in modern digital telecommunications networks require accurate synchronization for correct operation. 

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