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Berlin, 24.10.18

Further developments of Phi may took in the future the path towards 360 video and VR experimentation, aiming to bring the liveness of the piece very close to the audience: basically around it .

Daria Kaufman:

 “This work strives to move beyond a linear storyline to a more organic, evolutive and personalized experience. We always try to provide an immersive environment for the audience to get lost in, and to mine their own meaning. Sometimes in the case of a very set (almost mathematical) choreography, the meaning can only be derived through interpretation. In the case of a VR environment, we would hope to amplify the audience engagement and outreach, transporting them to the center of the action, allowing them to become a part of the piece itself based on their viewing direction. In this way, they have a more visceral, immediate experience of the performance, collapsing the usual barrier that exists between artist and viewer.”

Alessandra Leone

“After doing some test filming,  the tight sync of the dancers and the mathematical reconfiguration of movement vocabulary into equal time slices became visually obvious at a glance by applying an echo effect to the footage. This type of video post-effect combines frames from different times at constant distance. The result is a beautiful construction of bodies in motion, organically drawing mathematical structures. “

Berlin, 20.10.18

Notes on Choreography for Phi ( StratoFyzika, text by Daria Kaufman )

From the Choreographic point of view, there were three main influences: Minimalism in sound design, particularly the tape work of Steve Reich and Terry Riley's "Persian Surgery Dervishes."  This sound has a continuousness with slow evolution over time.  Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's choreography was naturally a source of inspiration since she made work to the music of Steve Reich.Similarly, Lunar Phases can represent this same idea, visually.  The moon's trajectory through constellations began to present a working map for choreography.

In previous StratoFyzika works (e.g. Thaeta and AikiA), we used animated, interactive visuals. In Phi, we took what we did with video projection and translated it into an orbital lighting design to achieve a similar effect, but using only light and shadow to enhance the visual experience.

Berlin ↔ SanFrancisco