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Atavistic Matter

dance film -  10 minutes,  Germany

Hen Lovely Bird and Daria Kaufman / Choreography, Dance 
Akkamiau / Music
Alessandra Leone and Akkamiau / Camera
Alessandra Leone / Editing

Atavism as a meditative state on the ancestral inhabitants in matter; water, stone, earth, ether, and fire. We are constantly pouring into and out of one another like a tide washing over the sea when our feet touch the earth, we lay down and pull up roots from the rising and falling of our feet. stars fall from our eyes we shake like jugs of water. When we sip a kiss or hug we are nothing more than shape-shifters forming and deforming from the elements which are constantly circling, making, remaking, undoing, falling apart. . . we do this also with our minds because we are also water, stone, earth, ether, fire; of nature herself.