research, performance, residency

Human/ID is an immersive media installation that considers the essence of identity and the body as our lives are mediated by the internet. What do we know to be true? Are we able to know one another? What new possibilities of being a person does an online existence proffer? Human/ID works with dance, video, and AI to complicate our relationships with our notions of self and technology.

Created by Berlin-based interdisciplinary performance collective StratoFyzika, in collaboration with local artists Daria Kaufman and Ian Heisters, Human/ID is inspired by the personal, political, and social implications of synthetic media. Deep fakes use AI to manipulate media, creating new possibilities for exploitation and alternate “truths.” Synthetic media can also act as a kind of lens for looking back on ourselves, providing a strange new perspective on our senses of self and relationships with others.

Human/ID immerses the audience in a spatial, layered media installation that invites continual roaming and re-viewing. This work dives into the uncanny valleys that form at the edges of new human mapping technologies, where human beings are rendered and translated through code.

Daria Kaufman / Performer, Choreographer
Hen/i / Performer, Choreography 
Ian Heisters / Creative Coding, ML
Alessandra Leone ITA / Lighting, Stage Visuals, Video
Dr. Gautam Agarwal - mentor / Data Analysis Visualization, Neuroscience

Berlin ↔ SanFrancisco