II aikia II



Robert Van Den Dolder and Henlovelybird / body movements
Akkamiau / 
audio content 
Aikia /
motion graphics and visual content
Dale Phurrough /
interaction and software
Claudia Vitali /

Fusion and interaction of distinct universes (dance, music, video, interactive and multimedia works).
II AiKiA II is an interactive projection-mapping project that adds a digital dimension to the real world/space of dancing body movements, combining light projection, choreography, sound and camera tracking.

“The unity of nearness and remoteness involved in every human relation is organized, in the phenomenon of the stranger, in a way which may be most briefly formulated by saying that in the relationship to him, distance means that he, who is close by, is far, and strangeness means that he, who also is far, is actually near. For, to be a stranger is naturally a very positive relation; it is a specific form of interaction.”

The Stranger, Georg Simmel (1858 – 1918)

"II AIKIA II" is a hybrid live performance and artwork, where body, dance, image and sound live together as part of a polymorphic global work which declines its units almost infinitely.

The stage setting is a 7,40mt x 5mt rectangle on the floor, which will receive a vertical video projection, as well as light design and choreography. The immediate back wall of the space will also be used by dancers.

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Berlin↔ SanFrancisco