Kummerang Gloomerang BewegungLichterKlang


This piece is one of  thirteen new productions commissioned by the Haus für Poesie with the aim to explore boundaries and methodologies in the creation of performance work based on poetry. The tenth and eleventh performance event featured Scale of Grey and Kummerang Gloomerang BewegungLichterKlang in collaboration with Heroines of Sound editions on 28-29th May 2018.

Dagmara Kraus POL / Poesie 
Hen USA / Tanz
Lenka Kocisova CZE / Musik)
Alessandra Leone ITA / Lighting, Visuals

Pics by Dario-Jacopo Laganà
↑ Pic by Dario-Jacopo Laganà

Our approach :

We attempt to trace how the poem can extend itself as a presence represented in the body, in space, through light and sound. While read aloud (by various people with different language backgrounds and accents) and concentrating on psycholinguistics, intonation and the melody of language, the sound translates another layer of interpretation by converting the recordings through pitch, rhythm, dynamics. Listening and looking at the sonic element of the poem and its graphical shape, with attempt to capture where attention lives in pointed directions of the mind. From here, the movement is directed by its manifestation into a map, transposed onto the physical space. The movement itself an interpretation of mood and physical expression of tone, meaning and the abstract dialogue between words and the corporeal. The lighting represents fluidity, form, rhythm and the repetition of the poetry. It dances with or against the body, adding another layer of interpretation: casting images and meaning through changes in intensity and angles. It creates directional pathways which cross or follow physical movement, counterpointed by quadraphonic spatial distribution of the sound. The score created for the lighting system is based on text mining and analysis work done on the poem keeping its architecture of empty spaces intact.

↑ Pics by Dieter Hartwig

↑Pics by Dario-Jacopo Laganà

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