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Study on Biosignal-driven Choreography

a choreography in 7 episodes deconstructed and reconstructed through micro movements, brain waves and breath

Notes from the CCL lab ( Choreographing Coding Lab ) we attended in September 2014, organized by . We grouped with few more amazing artists and dreamt big while messing up with equipment for a full week.

Ritual .
Spot of light.
Inner breath as new choreo rhythm .
reconstruction / deconstruction .
Time, time shift, stillness .
Remixing .
Shadow as a trace of past movement .
Pulsing spotlight depending on brainwaves.
Bio sensing .
sounds and visuals that feel like a kinaesthetic extension of their body-experience.
The ambiguities these displays can present provide an important catalyst for reflection and experimentation during the interaction.

Antony Rayzhekov / visual scenography, filming and programming
Ersin Han Ersin /
Data visualisation, Brain Interface sensor
Maria Judova /
video Postprocessing, Design and muscle/breath sensors

        Alessandra Leone /
video, movement sensors and animation
        Hen / movement writer and score